The fact of uniting together three different companies, with technical competence, professionality and modern manufacturing implant, allows Gruppo Pozzi to offer a very complete range of products.

Sinergies are created based on professionality and experience matured in various years and different product types, such as production of hinges, sliding doors, aluminium frames, opening systems, furniture fitting products standard type or customized type, they can all make GP as the right partner in living global service to customers.


All products are studied inside our technical office and are born to anticipate market needs.
Apart from the standard items in the catalogue, we continously develop special products for our customers.


Pozzi Group guarantees to its customers very high quality standards.

All processes from product development to component manufacturing and assembly are handled internally and are subject to severe controls.

Finished products are tested in the internal laboratory, to check that the quality level is up to the given standards by the International institutes such as LGA, CTBA, FIRA.

Technical and after sales assistance

Both technical and sales office of GP are available to give assistance for solving special needs and suggest the best products.

Catalogues and technical needs

Functional features and technical specifications of our products are shown on our catalogues.
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