Systema Parete

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Fast coupling system for cladding panels
New system of horizontal and vertical profile for wall cladding. The video shows all the assembly phases, including the versions with only universal profiles and only vertical profiles. The entire Systema Parete package includes the use of accessories, such as adjuster feet and wall distance adjuster. These accessories allow the correct fixing of the visible panels.
It is recommended to watch the entire video before mounting.
Instructions for assembling new aluminium profiles Here the links for a correct assembly: Pdf instructions SYSTEMA PARETE Video instructions SYSTEMA PARETE New System Holz accessories instructions Systema Parete with new System Holz accessories for fixing direct to the rails. In the configuration there are new supports for the horizontal rails, new clips and bayonets to be fixed to the wooden panels and finally the new Keku clip. The range is completed by the new shelves supports, the iron shelf and the rail for wardrobe. The different combinations allow you to create unlimited configurations for walk-in closets, bookcases and furniture for shops. Pdf instructions and technical sheets new accessories Video Instructions new accessories
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