System Holz

Production and sale of aluminium hinges, profiles and sliding systems for furniture.

System Holz offers a wide range of standard furniture accessories, but also has much attention towards new design trends and has capability to develop specific and customized products. Founded in 1973, it was born as hinge manufacturer and is known on the market for the high quality level of its products as well as for its good customer service.

With the passing of the time, the catalogue and the production have been enlarged with hinge models and types that can respond to the most exigent customer requests and the most demanding furniture applications.
Apart from the hinges, new lines of products are added to the company offer. The aluminium profile divisioni s born, where aluminium profiles for furniture are produced.

Due to the rising demand of small furniture manufacturers and distributors, System Holz patents “do it yourself” profile system, that allows to get rid of the complex workings and drillings made on the aluminium profile, and thanks to an innovative fixing system of corner joints and hinges, makes the construction of a door possible just by using a screwdriver and a 45° cut.
Just an example to show how System Holz can apply the experience made on furniture hinges to other product types having great success.

Our industrial structure is able to develop and manufacture internally items in steel, zamak and plastic, therefore we are offering a wide range of standard items and also developing customized products following customer’s demands.

Today our basic product offer has been completed also by a line of sliding doors.
The complete industrial cycle from the development, to the manufacturing, and the assembling are made inside our factory in Cremnago di Inverigo (Como) using the most advanced technologies which can guarantee high quality standards.

Our products are tested by our internal laboratory as well as by external institutes to check and guarantee that quality standards are constant and according to existing rules.
We have more than 2.000 products nowadays, not counting customized ones.

Trading and sales are done through agents and distributors in more than 64 countries.

In 2023 the company celebrates its 50th anniversary!
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