Oxidal System

Cleaning and anodic oxidation of aluminium
With more than 7500 square metres of surface area, Oxidal System is the third company in the Pozzi Group. The company has been part of the company group since 2011 and deals with anodic oxidation treatments of aluminium. The anodic oxidation of aluminium consists of a surface treatment on aluminium parts to ensure maximum protection and resistance to corrosion.
The oxidation is mainly carried out on aluminium parts, such as: aluminium handles, hinges, bar profiles and various small parts. This process has a wide range of thicknesses, colours, hardness and finishes.
In detail, Oxidal System carries out cleaning, polishing, satin-finishing, polishing of aluminium profiles and parts for the furniture, transport and construction sectors.

Environmental protection: fume abatement and water purification
To protect the environment and ensure a healthy workplace, Oxidal System has installed an integrated system of hoods for the extraction of fumes from the tanks. The fumes are transported to the abatement towers and, once treated, the cleaned air is expelled through the chimney. The water used in the washing processes is also treated by a chemical-physical plant composed of various tanks, before being reintroduced into the sewer system.
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