The three companies of the group have an integrated system for quality and environment management. Fundamental points in the company structure to maintain efficency, innovation & quality.

The main goals of such system are:

- analyse and under stand customer’s demands
- guarantee technical features of the product
- management of the process which can lead to expected results
- guarantee necessary resources to support and monitor descrive processes
- monitor and check the manufacturing process in every single phase

This allows the group to keep under constant control every production step, technical development, product testing, goods deliveries.
Most of the products have been patented to protect the work done in the technical office by research and development staff.

Since August 2019 Oxidal System, a company of the group that deals with oxidation of aluminum, has obtained QUALANOD certification, a mark recognized by the certification institute for aluminum and other materials, Qualital. The company has invested heavily, reviewing and improving each stage of the production process. As a guarantee of what has been done, a new chemical laboratory has been created, complete with modern equipment and instrumentation for daily monitoring of production. Oxidal System is now able to guarantee its customers a product that complies with the Technical Directives of the European quality mark Qualanod.

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