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Sponsor Women Fotball

It is a great pleasure that System Holz Srl, a company of the Pozzi Group, is the OFFICIAL SPONSOR of the FC Como Women youth football team.

"Our family has always been strongly linked to the world of sport. Initially with the active participation in the world of cycling, which has seen us in the forefront in the organization of Overland 10 Como Beijing in Bici - in addition to numerous important achievements including the victory of the World Championship and Giro d'Italia Year 1977 - and more recently for Women's Football.
This allows us to do our part in ensuring that the commitment and development of these realities in the Como area is kept constant, helping to develop our young people, our future generations." Says Luca Pozzi, CEO of Gruppo Pozzi.

At this link you can view the official website of the club Como Women /
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