35000 Square meters
covered surface
50000 Total references
Gruppo Pozzi
10000 Clients served
by Gruppo Pozzi
64 Countries served
by Gruppo Pozzi

Pozzi Group

Our group has been founded in the 60ies and has made a priority of global service. The group is made up of three units : a trading company called Pozzi Ferramenta and two manufacturing companies called System Holz and Oxidal System.
Our goal is being constantly open to the needs and demands of International markets and trying to provide correct answers even to the most specific and sophisticated ones.
More than 30.000 products in Pozzi Ferramenta catalogue, a wide hinge range for SH and Metalstampi division for aluminium profiles.
Oxidal system also has a modern and technologically advanced anodizing implant where we make all possible surface treatment on aluminium material : cleaning, polishing, satin and brush finishing, coloring.


The three companies of the group have an integrated system for quality and environment management. Fundamental points in the company structure to maintain efficency, innovation & quality.

This allows the group to keep under constant control every production step, technical development, product testing, goods deliveries.
Most of the products have been patented to protect the work done in the technical office by research and development staff.
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